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TraitNet Participants

A listing of the TraitNet participants.

TraitNet Participants


D. Ackerly University of California, Berkeley
F. Ahrestani Columbia University
B. Amiaud France
E. Arnaud CGIAR, Paris
E. Ayres Colorado State University
M.A. Bakare CGAIR
A. Baumert University of Pittsburgh
E. Borer Oregon State University
D. Bunker Columbia University
J. Cavender-Bares University of Minnesota
N. Cellinese University of Florida
E. Chacon Universidad de Costa Rica
J. Chave U Paul Sabatier
E. Cleland NCEAS
S. Collins University of New Mexico
S. Cordell USDA Forest Service
H. Cornelissen Vrije Universiteit
J. Cronin University of Pittsburgh
S. Diaz University National de Córdoba
S. Dubeau IJC Great Lakes Regional Office
J. Dunne Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab
B. Edler Georg August University, Gottingen, Germany
B. Enquist University of Arizona
V. Eviner IES
B. Fagan University of Maryland
J. Fargione Perdue University
L. Fraser Thompson Rivers University
S. Gachet University of Cezanne, France
E. Garnier CNRS, Montpellier, France
K. Jones Zoological Society London
M. Jones NCEAS
J. Kattge Max-Planck, Jena, Germany
C. Klausmeier Michigan State University
M. Kleyer University of Jena, Germany
J. Klironomos University of Guelph
J. Knops University of Nebraska
R. Kobe Michigan State University
M-A. Laporte CNRS, Montpellier, France
H. Lapp NESCent
S. Lavorel Alpine Ecology Lab
E. Litchman Michigan State University
N. Martinez Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab
I. Maryrose Tel Aviv University
B. McGill McGill University
M. Melnechuk University of Wisconsin, Madison
G. Midgley South African National Biodiversity Institute
C. Mitchell U North Carolina
A. Moles Victoria University of Wellington
R. Mongtomery University o Minnesota
I. Mougenot Montpellier, France
C. Mulder NIPHA, Netherlands
H. Muller-Landau University of Minnesota
S. Naeem Columbia University
B. Ostertag University of Hawaii-Hilo
B. Peet University of North Carolina
T. Pendergast University of Pittsburgh
J. Price USGS
K. Puettmann Oregon State University
P. Reich University of Minnesota
S. Romanello LTERNet
L. Sack niversity of California, Los Angeles
M. Schildhauer National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
E. Seabloom Oregon State University
A. Siefert Syracuse University
B. Simmons Colorado State University
M.J. Spasojeivc University of California, Davis
S. Spector American Museum of Natural History
P. Stevens NCEAS
K. Suding niversity of California, Davis
S. Tandan University of Montreal
D. Wall Colorado State University
M. Walters Michigan State University
E. Weiher University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
K. Worm University of Nebraska
J. Wright Duke University
S.J. Wright STRI
I. Wright Macquarie University
J. Zhang



Registry of plant trait data - COMING SOON!
Plant Functional Traits Ontology - COMING SOON!

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